Saturday 4 July 2015

Collectamainia 2015

Great day at MK with some great people. Izzy did her thing in her usual Steampunk way.

Saturday 21 June 2014

Some Updates. Smoke/mist system.

New main smoke system. I have been playing around with the main smoke system for some time and getting really frustrated with it in that I can never get the water level correct, either to much smoke or not enough. At last I have fixed the problem. My new design uses a simple water trap, the same that is used on sinks. A fan is fitted on the top, mister element in base, fill with water and it works perfectly. Filling it is easy, you only need to fill to the level of the threads on the lower removable section. You get perfect mist/smoke each time plus a bonus is it is not affected by the angle/tilt of the droid. It is modular so easily removable and can be used on any build. I used an old gaiter from a swivel chair to cover up some of the white pipes due to the fact that you can not spray this stuff and a top plate to make it all look good and Steampunk ish.

Simplicity itself. Unscrew the lower section and fill with water up until the threads. This covers the element to the perfect water level.

Friday 30 May 2014

A few more details added to izzy

Its all the fine detail that makes the difference on this build. I have added many more moving parts, linkages and gears. She has also had a bit of a make over. I have added more etched details to the dome and a few more pipes and cables. The smoke system has been beefed up and produces much more smoke. The coals have been added to the front grill and i have lowered the front grill. I am in the process of fitting a bluetooth sound system to compliment the existing on board system.

Sunday 16 February 2014

Lacock Abbey

Izzy's first outside event at the famous Lacock Abbey UK. She did really well. Unfortunately the worn tyres were not up to the jobs so new ones have been ordered. Apart from that she did very well both inside and on the very rough Abbey surfaces.