Sunday, 11 August 2013

A bit of colour

A bit more work today on the Steampunk Droid. I decided to add some Rosewood stain to the ply to get an idea of the final colour. Once it is all worked in it should be great. I have also got the bracket made up to brace the legs and support the actuator to raise and lower the legs. It is much stronger than a simple 8M threaded rod and gives the whole droid massive stability. I think I am going to need a week of now as I am not used to working with metal like this and it is cutting my hands to pieces, there must be an easier way. I will soon need to think about batteries and how I will mount them. I am going for the biggest Amp hour battery I can fit or rather two, I can fit. They will be setup in series running 24v. 12v will be provided from a step down transformer.
I also need to take a trip to the local strap yard to see what old engine parts, gears, pulleys,belts and such I can get so I can start thinking about the main mechanical section in the center.
If you are interested in how the actual to works in lifting and lowering the legs check out the video below.

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