Thursday, 15 August 2013

Head Bearing

The dome is my usual B&Q metal lamp shade. This time I have removed all the red paint, which took some doing, to give me a cleaner back to metal look. The underside of the dome is fitted out with a wooden base which will locate on the bolts protruding from the shoulder bearing. I have gone with a slightly larger wood base on this dome, it should help when mounting electronics in the dome.

The Bearing is a standard 12" lazy Susan bearing which I have simply added some 18mm Ply rings. The images explain how it will work. What I have changed in this build is that I have mounted the drive motor for the dome in the base of the main body and connected it to the drive wheel via a 8M metal rod. I am going to add gears and drive cogs to this rod to give the illusion of a real mechanical working mechanism when the head turns. At the top on the shoulder I had to fabricate a bearing holder to keep the wheel sprung loaded onto the rotating ring.
Next step for the dome will be marking out panels and deciding what I will cut out and keep.

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