Thursday, 15 August 2013

More work on the Droid

I had a couple of on Violin necks lying around in the garage and they seemed to be ideal for the two utility arms. They will be controlled via servos but using a cable mechanism, this way I can hide the servos out of view.

Amazing what you can pick up at the local charity store for 50p.

This will form the basis of the main chimney. The idea will be to direct smoke/mist. up through the chimney providing a real steampunk look.

Seem the logical thing to do, make the coin slots out of 2p coins.

The 8M metal rod linked to a cordless drill to drive the dome. I did not even bother removing the chuck from the cordless drill this time as it will provide a great way to clamp the metal rod.

Some old small speakers

The fake furnace will be lit from inside with Red LED's. Once complete it will have pipes and valves attached to it.

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