Thursday, 5 September 2013

The fine details

Car central locking actuator used to trigger gas spray

Battery boxes

Fake meter on boiler unit

Smoke generator unit

Servos mounted to operate the utility arms via cables

I have now added serval hundred rivets, in the form of panel pins

Everything is in the detail. Most of the authentic looking brass details are from an old player piano that I took apart

Slip ring

Slip ring and dome drive system

Starting to look the part now with a few details added.

The idea with the head is to loosely base it around a diving helmet, both old and new. I want the inside of the dome to be cut away reviling the inside which will have working cogs and gears.

There is still great deal of work to do. Working at this level of detail takes so much time but the final results will hopefully be worth it. No electronics have been added yet apart from a few Red LED light strips which will add some nice lighting effects.

Steampunk Droid parked up next to Zoe to give an idea of scale.

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